My name is Chavdar Garchev and i am aviation photographer.

I created this site with the idea to share my aviaton photos also and this place. In addition to this location, footage from me can also be viewed on, and

I have been practicing aviation photography since 1996, perhaps through this section of photography I get the opportunity to be close to aviation – a dream that has remained since my childhood. I am a collaborator of the Bulgarian AERO Aviation magazine and I am an editor at I also have publications in foreign aviation magazines such as Air Force Monthly, Combat Aircraft, Air International, Fly Past, Airiners, J-Wings, Koku Fan. I will be happy if the minutes spent on this page have delighted you.


Some of my publications:
In official Gripen calendar in 2011.

Aero Magazine 2014/10 – Cover of Bulgarian aviation magazine.

J-Wings 2016/02– Last flights and retirement ceremony for Bulgarian Mig21 in japanese aviation magazine J-Wings.

Some of my photos in officials newslaters of European Defence Agency:

Photos in official Graf Ignatievo fighter squadron calendars 2016.

Koku Fan 2016/08 – Report from Thracian Thunder 2016 exercise in Koku Fan Magazine.

АЕРО 2014/05 – Корица български Ми17 по време на Хемус 2014

Air Forces Monthly 2014/08 – Report from Hemus 2014 exercise.

J-Wings 2105/01 – Статия за Българските ВВС в японското списание за военна авиация J-Wings

Air Forces Monthly 2015/12 – Кадър в раздел новини на AFM относно доставката на Л-159 за Ирак,които преминаха през Пловдив.

J-Wings 2016/01 – Репортаж от Шабла 2015 в японското списание J-Wings

“История на българската военна авиация” – корица на гърба – автор Полк.Димитър Недялков.

P.S: Всички снимки и техните права на този сайт са собственост на автора !

One thought on “Me

  1. Hello Chavdar,

    My name is Rene Sleegers and I’m an editor for Dutch Aviation Society / Scramble.
    Monday 6th of may is the Bulgarian Army day parade and I want to write a small article for our social media. To make the article look better I want to use a few photo’s and I found a photo from you via Google, it’s a shot of 3 Mig-29’s. Is it ok to use your photo and do you have more photos?

    I found when the rehearsels and real parade are gonna take place but do you have more information about the flypast itself? What kind of aircraft and how many of each?
    Hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Rene Sleegers

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