My name is Chavdar Garchev and i am aviation photographer.

I created this site with the idea to share my aviaton photos also and this place. In addition to this location, footage from me can also be viewed on, and

I have been practicing aviation photography since 1996, perhaps through this section of photography I get the opportunity to be close to aviation – a dream that has remained since my childhood. I am a collaborator of the Bulgarian AERO Aviation magazine and I am an editor at I also have publications in foreign aviation magazines such as Air Force Monthly, Combat Aircraft, Air International, Fly Past, Airiners, J-Wings, Koku Fan. I will be happy if the minutes spent on this page have delighted you.


Some of my publications:
In official Gripen calendar in 2011.

Aero Magazine 2014/10 – Cover of Bulgarian aviation magazine.

J-Wings 2016/02– Last flights and retirement ceremony for Bulgarian Mig21 in japanese aviation magazine J-Wings.

Some of my photos in officials newslaters of European Defence Agency:

Photos in official Graf Ignatievo fighter squadron calendars 2016.

Koku Fan 2016/08 – Report from Thracian Thunder 2016 exercise in Koku Fan Magazine.

АЕРО 2014/05 – Корица български Ми17 по време на Хемус 2014

Air Forces Monthly 2014/08 – Report from Hemus 2014 exercise.

J-Wings 2105/01 – Статия за Българските ВВС в японското списание за военна авиация J-Wings

Air Forces Monthly 2015/12 – Кадър в раздел новини на AFM относно доставката на Л-159 за Ирак,които преминаха през Пловдив.

J-Wings 2016/01 – Репортаж от Шабла 2015 в японското списание J-Wings

“История на българската военна авиация” – корица на гърба – автор Полк.Димитър Недялков.

P.S: Всички снимки и техните права на този сайт са собственост на автора !

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